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About Us

DARE2EMPOWER was founded by Christel Reyna and Joshua Speiginer (p.k.a. International DJ/Producer DJ AURAS JOSH)

Christel Reyna Resilience Life Coach and Keynote Speaker

Christel Reyna

Meet Christel, a remarkable individual who goes above and beyond the ordinary. She's a globally renowned keynote speaker, a certified life coach specializing in resilience, and an esteemed advocate for human rights, recognized with awards for her unwavering commitment.


Christel's heart beats with a fervent dedication to reproductive justice and equal rights. She's at the forefront of the battle for women's and LGBTQIA+ community rights, leaving an indelible mark on the cause.


Having faced the harrowing trauma of rape firsthand, Christel intimately understands the uphill struggles women encounter in accessing vital reproductive health services. She recognizes the pivotal role that a supportive community plays in the journey towards healing.


But Christel's story doesn't conclude there. Her life took a transformative turn at the age of 19, leading her through a labyrinth of brokenness and confusion. It was only when she embraced motherhood by choice that her purpose became crystalline. Witnessing her own son endure bullying and physical assaults for being gay ignited a fierce determination within her.


In 2012, alongside her son, she established DAREZEMPOWER, a platform dedicated to raising awareness about bullying and preventing teen and young adult suicides. As a certified life coach, Christel identified the pressing need for affordable coaching services in underserved communities, spurring her to provide low-cost resilience coaching.


Today, Christel and her team extend their expertise, offering coaching, mental health first aid training, and human rights advocacy training to clients worldwide, spanning private, educational, and corporate sectors. Fearlessly, Christel employs her voice as a catalyst for legislative change and the fight for the rights of all individuals.


Join Christel on this empowering journey and become a resounding voice for change.

Joshua Speiginer - DJ Auras Josh

Joshua Speiginer

When it comes to the vibrancy, energy & diversity, Joshua Speiginer (p.k.a. DJ AURAS JOSH), ticks all the boxes & then some. A proud member of the LGBTIQA+ community, his boldness, flair & understanding of EDM/ inclusivity lays testament to the fact that he is so much more than your average DJ Producer.


An accomplished choreographer & dancer, he merges his dynamic music with a personality that must be seen to be believed. In an explosion of color, movement beats & rhythms, his presence at some of the queer communities’ biggest festivals has been an essential feature. With a performance pedigree that also includes San Francisco’s Pride, Academy LA, OC Pride, DTLA PROUD, JBA Macon, 340 Nightclub & collaborations with Coco Montrese & Krewella, there is no doubt that his star is shining bright.


Now that reputation is soaring with the release of his latest single titled Under. A thumping beat with a sublime vocal hook, the drops & builds come together in a cataclysmic embrace that will drive audiences wild. The track left the crowd gasping for more in San Francisco as he made the main stage his own.


Rise up & feel the power of DJ Auras Josh. Uplifting, liberating & quintessentially an experience that knows no bounds, his world is one of Peace Love & Harmony. Celebrate life & be touched by the essence of humanity that brings us all together. Dance to the beat of his drum & discover a world that has all the oxygen you need to stop you from going “Under”.  

Our Mission

Our Mission

Dare2Empower is passionate about creating initiatives that have a positive impact on our communities. We embark on global speaking tours to spread awareness about the issues that matter most to us. Our social activism takes many forms - from protests to rallies to social media campaigns - and we believe that every action counts. Additionally, we hold international human rights workshops to educate and empower individuals to make a difference. Our mission is to inspire others to take action and create a better world for ourselves and future generations to come. Join us in our mission to make a lasting impact in the world and be a prominent voice for change!


Our Vision

At Dare2Empower, our vision is to build a world where every voice is valued and acknowledged. We are determined to empower communities, sparking transformative change and dismantling systems of inequality. Our ultimate goal? To create a society where everyone can thrive and leave a positive mark. Through education, advocacy, leadership development, and community events, we are dedicated to making the world a better place. Join us in our commitment to forging a more fair and equitable future, as we collaborate with individuals and organizations. Together, we can make a difference.

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