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Get from where you are to where you want to be!
Empowerment Life Coaching for Women, Teens and Young Adults

Global Speaker, Certified Empowerment Life Coach, Social Activist
and Advocate for Women and Youth of All Genders


Gloabal Speaker, Certified Empowerment Life Coach, Social Activist
and Advocate for Women and Youth of All Genders

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My name is Christel Reyna (She/Her). I am a Certified Empowerment Life Coach with a passion for supporting women, teens and young adults of all genders.  I work with clients across the globe via Zoom and offer in-person coaching sessions in my local area of Southern California. I am a married mother of four, ages 14, 15, 18 and 25. I am a mental health advocate and prioritize inclusion & safety FOR ALL no matter their race, gender or religious belief. 


Because I manage my practice from a minority led-inclusion focused prospective, my clients and their families are supported from a safe, non-judgemental space where clients feel seen and accepted.  From this position, clients can do the work to explore a wide arrray of challenging topics with vulnerabilitiy.  My coaching practice provides a safety net to support clients to take steps forward, learn from their mistakes, reflect and recover.


I work exclusively with women (of all ages), teens and young adults (14-25 yrs) of all genders. It is my own personal belief that there are not enough support resources available to this profile group. With a rise in stress, worry, pressure and judgement there has been a substantial increase of anxiety, depression and self-harm.  Hope exists!  I have customized coaching programs to help clients navigate their world and develop self awareness necessary to create meaningful changes in their lives and thrive. 


When I was a teen and young adult, I developed severe anxiety and struggled with my self-esteem.  As a child entertainer, there was consistent pressure for me to perform well beyond what some would consider "normal".  Although I attained the success I desired, I paid a tremendous price with my mental health.  I started engaging in risky behavior and making poor choices that would have led me down a bad path had I not figured out how to turn things around. The key to turning my life around was authenticity. By being true to myself rather than living up to the expectations others were placing upon me. I started focusing on my personal values, who I truly wanted to be, and what kind of life I truly desired to live. 


The challenges I faced in my youth, helped prepare me for many adult challenges I faced as a woman.  From learning to parent, navigating personal conflict, managing marriage and relationships, to finding balance between career/business and family, all of which have brought me to where I am today and the non-judgemental stance I take within my interactions with others.  We all have challenges we will face in life, what is key, is having the tools to navigate through them successfully.


When I became a mom, I was determined to support my own children and others in our community as they navigated their own mazes of adolescence. In 2015, I founded a nonprofit, DARE2EMPOWER, with a mission to empower teens and bring awareness to teen bullying and youth suicide prevention through self-esteem programs, mentoring, and "The Bullying Stops Here" assembly production.  This became a very personal project for me, as my oldest child endured severe bullying rising to the level of physical assaults and resulting in sever mental health challenges.  I made it my focus to educate others about the impact my son's experiences had on him and our family.  Eventually I discovered life coaching and its power to transform lives, and now devote myself to helping others navigate their own challenges and live their best life.


Over the past eight years, I’ve worked with hundreds of women, teens (and parents) and young adults.  This is absolutely what I was meant to do with my life. I bring positive energy, relatable and straight-forward coaching style that helps clients open up and trust in the process. I have a unique client tailored coaching program that gets right to the heart of the issues my clients are experiencing, so we can get to work creating meaningful change. Lets work together to create a life you’re excited to live. You deserve it, and my coaching will help get you there!



Christel Reyna

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