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Supporting Federally Recognized Heritage and Pride Months

WHEREAS, California has been stewarded by Indigenous people for 20,000 years and California has Indigenous names (e.g., Temecula means ‘place of the sun’ in Luiseño) and California has both a long Indigenous and Hispanic history and heritage; and

WHEREAS, California is currently the most diverse state in the United States with a population that is 10% LGBTQIA+, 15% Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI), 27% immigrant, 40% Latino/a/e/x, 51% female and 65% Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC); and

WHEREAS, multiple local Republican led California city councils, school boards, and boards of supervisors such as Temecula City Council, Shasta Board of Supervisors and Huntington Beach City Council have recently opposed recognized heritage months like Native, Asian, Black, Hispanic, Women’s and LGBTQIA+ Pride and heritage months;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Riverside County Democratic Party acknowledges that without BIPOC, female and LGBTQIA+ labor, ingenuity and expertise, California would not be a leader in higher education, entertainment, technology, tourism or agriculture; nor would it be the world’s 4th largest economy; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Riverside County Democratic Party acknowledges all federally recognized heritage months (Native, Asian Pacific, Black, Women’s and Pride) and opposes Republican officials who erase the contributions of BIPOC, female and LGBTQIA+ Americans and Californians from our history.

Author(s): Dr. Jenn Carson, DSW, AD-61 Sponsored By: Riverside County Democratic Party Supporter(s): Gracie Torres, AD-63, Maya Rodriguez, AD-60, Tami Sims, AD-71, Nina Hiers, AD-60, Nathan Kempe, AD-58, Christel Reyna, AD-63, Judy Rice, AD-60, Beth Crawford, AD-71, Martha Howard, AD-71, Sylvia Carrillo, AD-47, Michelle Singleton, AD-63, Lisa Andres, AD-63, Sheila Riley, AD-58, Susan Dye, AD-71, Fran Anderson, AD-63, Elle (Ellen) Kurpiewski, AD-47/Region 19 Director, Maliha Williamson, AD-63, and Steve Crawford, AD-47

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